What kind of cage should we get? Bar Spacing, etc.?

We recommend that you avoid cages with plastic tub bottoms, because most of them have edges that rats will chew on, and eventually make holes and escape.

You need no larger than 1/2″ bar spacing for younger rats, or they can escape.

We are currently buying Martin’s Cages for our rats.  We like them because they are sturdy, well made, escape and chew proof and easy to clean.  If you purchase them directly from their website shipping is very expensive.  So, we recommend that you buy Martin’s cages from Chewy because shipping is free. This is a good Martin’s cage for 2-3 Roof Rats.  This is a good Martin’s cage for 2-3 Dumbo Rats.  We made a video demonstrating how to quickly and easily assemble a Martin’s Cage.

Good cage setup and decor is essential for your rat’s health and happiness.  Rats like places to hide, and places to climb, perch and watch the world go by.  We can help you design a good cage setup for your rats, please ask!