What kind of food do you recommend?

We used to feed our rats Envigo Teklad Global Lab Blocks  In Florida that is hard to buy, so we switched to Mazuri Rat Breeder pellets.

If you can get Teklad, then for young, growing rats (up to 1 year) you should feed them the 2018 diet with 18% protein.  Mazuri Rat Breeder is also 18% protein.

If your older male rat is gaining weight, you should consider switching him to a lower protein diet, such as 2014 diet with 14% protein.  This will help him maintain a healthy weight.

You can purchase these products online (Amazon, etc.), from a local Animal Feed Store such as Kissimmee Valley Feed Store, or from us.  There are other good brands, such as Oxbow, but make sure whichever you chose is specific for rats and has the appropriate protein percentage for your rat’s age.

Lab blocks should make up the majority (90%) of your rat’s diet, as they as specially formulated to be healthy, nutritious and rats like the taste.

But, they will get very boring, so it’s OK to give your rats the occasional treat.  Mostly, anything that you would feed a child is also OK, keeping in mind that too much fat, sugar, salt, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors and etc., are just as bad for rats as they are for you!

Things that rats especially love are: unsalted nuts (in moderation as they are fattening), frozen sweet peas (either frozen like ice cream, or defrosted, like pudding!), Cheerios, lightly salted microwavable pork rinds (i.e. Carolina Gold), whole wheat bread, some fruits (apple, pear, grape, melon), yogurt.  Roof Rats just LOVE almonds: check out the video below…

There are a few things that you should avoid feeding a rat: citrus fruits, gas producing foods or drinks (soda, cabbage, beans, etc.), certain raw foods (potatoes), candy, chocolate, spinach, artificial sweeteners.

If you have any questions or are unsure, please feel free to ask us!