4 tablets of Ambroxol (180 days supply.)


2 individually wrapped tablets of Ambroxol.  A 90 days supply for 1 adult rat.

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Ambroxol is a mucolytic with a long record of safety and efficacy.  As an adjunct to appropriate medical care, it can help rats with respiratory illness breath better and recover faster, and may also help rats with head tilt due to an inner ear infection recover faster and more completely.

You can read more about Ambroxol here: Ambroxol can help rats with Mycoplasma and here: Ambroxol for Otitis Media (ear infection) in rats

Although Ambroxol is available OTC in many countries, it can be difficult to find in the USA.  So, as a service to the rat owners community, we are making it available through our website.  For $5, we will send you 4 individually wrapped 30 mg tablets of Ambroxol, which is enough to treat 1 adult rat for 180 days.  You can find a calculator for dosing rats with Ambroxol and other medicines here: Oral Medication Calculator.  You will need to pay for shipping, but if you purchase at least $15 worth of ambroxol, hammocks and pouches, then shipping is free.

Important: Although Ambroxol is OTC in many countries, to my knowledge, the manufacturers of Ambroxol never applied for FDA approval in the USA.  Therefore it should not be taken by people in the USA for any purpose.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Ambroxol is not an antibiotic, and is not a substitute for antibiotics.  If you suspect that your rat has any illness caused by an infection, you should take it to see a vet so it can receive proper treatment.  Failure to do so could result in the death of your pet.  You should discuss the use of Ambroxol, or any other supplement, with your vet.

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