Baby Rat Snuggle Hammock


Baby snuggle hammock ideal for all baby rats.

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Handmade Rat Snuggle Hammock for babies

  • Polyester Fleece Liner and Shell for soft, warm, cozy comfort
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Chew-proof, removable Stainless Steel clips
  • Selection of colors and patterns
  • Ideal for all Baby Rats
  • Easily transport in and out of cage without disturbing babies
  • Helps babies feel safe while you socialize them
  • Insert your hands to familiarize babies with your touch and smell
  • Several Rats can Snuggle in one Hammock
  • Bond with shy and nervous rats: it really works!
  • Free Shipping with $40 minimum order!

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Hammock Pattern

Pawprints, Sea creatures


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