Rat Starter Kit – Cage, Hammocks, Dish, Food, Litter


Rat Starter Kit including chew-proof professional rat cage, water dish, hammocks, food, litter and free surprise gift!  Everything you need for 2-3 rats from us.

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Rat Starter Kit includes

  • 1 Custom Cage, 18″ x 24″ x 18″, 3 inch deep pan, 1/2″ bar spacing, 2 levels, large door opening, easy to clean.  Big enough for 2-3 adult rats.  Rat safe, escape proof all metal construction.  We use these cages for our own rats.
  • 3 lbs bag of starter food.  Envigo Teklad 2018 lab blocks, the same food our rats eat.
  • 1 water dish, already attached to side of cage.  Latches in place but easy to remove for cleaning.  We also use this kind of water dish.
  • 2 Handmade Hammocks already installed.  Designed specifically for Roof Rats, with chew-proof stainless steel cables and clips.  Machine or hand washable.  The same hammocks we use.
  • Litter tray already filled with the recommend mix of paper pellet litter and zeolite for absorbing excess moisture and odors.  Plus additional soft paper for comfort.
  • A free, surprise bonus gift!
  • Everything ready for 2-3 rats of your choice.