Roof Rats next steps

Welcome, Future Roof Rat Owner!

New: You now have the option to see and pick out pet rats by live video conference!

Note: If you will pick your rats up in person and do not live in the Orlando area, an overnight stay in a Margaritaville Resort, Orlando cottage is available for just the cost of cleaning and admin fees. Please let us know if you are interested in that.

If you don’t already have a cage, you can now order our complete Roof Rat starter kit from us online for only $125 plus tax. It includes a professional quality, all metal cage customized by us specifically for Roof Rats, two handmade Roof Rat hammocks, a water dish, pelleted paper litter, and 3 lbs of the same rat food that your new rats are already eating. It is big enough to hold 3 adult Roof Rats, and the bar spacing is suitable for babies, too.

Roof Rat Starter Kit (Cage, Hammocks, Water Dish, Food, Litter)
Roof Rat Starter Kit (Cage, Hammocks, Water Dish, Food, Litter)

We strongly recommend our unique, handmade rat products, which were specifically designed for the needs of roof rats. Our baby snuggle hammock really helps with bonding. Although we do not charge for Roof Rat adoptions, we do accept optional donations when you pick up your rats.

If your rats don’t work out for any reason, you can return them to us, no questions asked. If your rats become ill, please contact us first, as we may be offer advice more specific to that breed than most vets. If you experience any problems with your rats, you are always welcome to drop by with them, and we will try our best to help. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to leave them with us for a few days, while we sort out any problems they may have: we won’t charge you for this, but we will gladly accept donations to help defer our expenses.

If you haven’t yet made a reservation, please go here. Roof rats are gentler, less aggressive, friendlier and more bonded with their owners than Norway (Dumbo) rats! Read about the differences between Roof rats and Norway rats. That’s why we prefer to keep Roof Rats as our personal pets.

You are invited to take our online training course: Rat Care and Ownership. This course contains accumulated knowledge and advice drawn from our many years of experience and research about Roof Rats. There is simply nothing else like it available on the Internet! It’s free for a limited time only.

You will be invited, first come first serve, in the order we received your reservation request. We will send the invitation by text and follow-up by email. Please respond ASAP, because if we don’t hear back from you, you may need to wait until the next litter.

3 week old baby Roof Rat
3 week old baby Roof Rat (Rattus rattus)
6 week old baby roof rat (Rattus rattus)
6 week old baby Roof Rat (Rattus rattus)

After your receive an invitation, you will usually have about one week to get ready for your babies if you need it. If you need to cancel, please let us know ASAP. If you need more time, we can reschedule you for a later litter, but again, please let us know ASAP. 

If you don’t live within driving distance of Kissimmee, Florida, no problem! You can view and reserve your rats via video conference, then have your new pets shipped to you anywhere in the USA

Our Roof Rats are genetically tame, and we socialize with them with their mothers, so they quickly learn to be friendly with people and accept handling and playtime.

Socializing baby Roof Rats

When babies are confidently eating solid food, running around playfully and eager to run up your arm and eat an almond on your shoulder, they will be ready to leave our home and start their new life with you!

We can answer any questions you have at any time about their care, and you can also meet (and play with) their parents and friends.

You are welcome to visit, but please make an appointment.  Please email, call or text to let us know when you will drop by: (949) 232-9407

If you don’t have time, or live too far away, don’t worry: we will make sure that they are well socialized ready to love you when they go home with you.

When the time comes to take them home, please remember to bring cash or Venmo in case you would like to purchase any hammocks or pouches or donate anything to help our babies. And something transport your babies.

If you’d like to see some videos about Roof Rats, here is our youtube channel:OC Dumbos Roof Rat Videos

While you are waiting, why not order custom, handmade a Pouches and Hammocks for your future little friends?

Your baby Roof rats will feel safer and more confident if you get them a baby hammock!

We can advise you what you will need to care for your rats. Our Roof Rat starter kit includes an excellent custom made cage and everything else you will need to get started, and you can pick it up with your newly adopted Roof Rats already snuggled inside if you like!

We feed our rats Envigo Teklad 2018 rat blocks, which is what we include in the Roof Rat Starter Kit. If you need extra rat food, you can purchase it from us if you are local. However, you can also feed them Mazuri rat food which you can purchase online, at at some local animal feed stores like Kissimmee Valley Feed. Roof Rats need food which is at least 18% protein. We also give our rats green peas, seeds, nuts and dried or fresh fruit as treats and to vary their diet.

We recommend litter made from recycled paper, such as Carefresh, So Phresh or Kaytee Clean and Cozy. For older rats, we recommend that you put a layer of Unscented Yesterday’s News compressed paper cat litter or Teklad 7084 compressed paper litter under the softer paper litter, to help keep their cage clean and odor free.

Mazuri Rodent Food
Carefresh Recycled Paper Litter

If you need a new cage, we recommend a cage similar to Martin’s Cages.  We liked them because they are sturdy, well made, escape and chew proof and easy to clean.  Check on Chewy’s website to see if they are in stock again.  If you buy Martin’s cages from Chewy, shipping is free.  This is a good Martin’s cage for 2-3 Roof Rats. We made a video demonstrating how to quickly and easily assemble a Martin’s Cage. KW Cages also makes usable cages, but they are in California and shipping will not be free.

Note: the cages on Chewy’s Martin’s cages shop which are labeled for Chinchillas are also good for rats.

Unlike Norway Rat, Roof Rats are an arboreal species, and they love climbing. So, a cat tree will make a great playground for you and your pet Roof rat. Our Roof Rats just love theirs: have a look!

And, please, if you are happy with our service and love your new babies, don’t forget to leave us a review on Google or Yelp!

Your friends at OC Dumbos!