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Ambroxol for Otitis Media (ear infection) in rats

Hi Everyone, I’m Remy the Roof Rat! Remy the Roof Rat loves Disney’s Ratatouille 🙂 Previously, my friends told you about using Ambroxol to treat Mycoplasma in rats. Today, let’s talk about another use for Ambroxol: helping treat rats with an inner ear infection (Otitis Media.) Rats with an ear infection will often have poor…

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Adopt gentle, playful Baby Roof Rats

As of December 4, 2023, both male and female Roof Rat babies are available. Adoption is free for responsible pet owners. Register to adopt free Pet Roof Rats Domesticated Rattus Rattus are loving, more playful and gentler than Fancy Rats. Roof Rats have lively, outgoing personalities. Roof rats are fun and unique. Roof Rats versus…

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